We offer spare parts for the lathes once manufactured by the Colchester Lathe Company Ltd which ceased trading in Colchester in 1992.

We cannot guarantee that we can supply but, why not give us a chance to quote?

For general and readily available parts, to enable us to more readily assess your requirements we generally require the following:

lathe machine number

which should be stamped at the tailstock end of the machine, on ground bedway, for most machines

although Chipmaster or early Bantams have the number on a small disc.

part number(s) of the part(s) required

together with a description of the part.

Your manual should show this information.

We have two categories of parts available:


New Parts

please enquire for availability and price at


New Old Stock and Secondhand Parts

please consult our stock list here or contact

us for availability of any other part here,

new or used (this list is not complete).

We classify the parts as:


new stock - unused


new old stock - old stock but unused


new old stock - shop soiled but unused


used part - good condition


used but serviceable part - bought as seen

For assorted lathe chucks, steadies and faceplates that we have please vist this link.


For assorted accessories (toolposts, rapid threaders, etc.) that we have please visit this link.


For assorted lathe tailstocks that we have please vist this link.


This list gives part number, description of part and (in some cases) condition.

Where we cannot identify an item by part number, a part that we have in stock, we have created a


that may assist with visual identification.

These unidentified or partially identified parts are categorised by a * in the part number column of the index and this is followed by descriptive codes as follows:


Accessories - toolposts, steadies, tools, centres, etc.


Apron assemblies or part assemblies


Chucks, faceplates and associated parts


Cross, top, compound slides


Dials and handwheels


Electrical parts


Gears, changewheels, drives, etc.


Gearbox assemblies and parts


Headstock assemblies and parts


Leadscrews and racks


Miscellaneous unidentified by part number


Tailstocks and parts


Worm boxes

If you see an * please refer to the 'condition' column of our stock list, where we refer to picture numbers of the relevant parts.

If you see a part on our list, please email us at

to enquire about condition, cost and availability.

This list is not complete so please enquire about anything not shown.

Photocopied Operating and Spare Parts manuals are also available from us for many machines at a price up to £10 incl P and P within the UK.

For overseas postage please enquire.


Cap Head, Grub, Hex, etc. Screws.

We also have a stock of screws and fixings for sale. Please see the list of items here.

 We sometimes buy scrap or tired Colchester Lathes and ancillaries for stripping, so that we can help keep old machines working when spare parts become obsolete.

Please don't send them to the scrap yard!

We have broken the following machines and many of the parts are still available:


13 Chipmaster - Mch No G2212

14 Chipmaster - Mch No G3821

30 Chipmaster - Mch No G2357


25 Bantam - Mch No AA3598 (1967) - broken Jun 2013

27 Bantam - Mch No AA5108


03 Student 6" - Mch No F2/63431 (1967)

04 Student 6" - Mch No FC2/59209 (1966)

16 Student 6" - Mch No 26711 (1956) - broken Oct 2010

24 Student 6" - Mch No F2/45552 (1963) - broken Jun 2013

26 Student 6" - Mch No 2/45910

28 Student 6" - Mch No 26455A

29 Student 6" - Mch No 25087B


11 Student 1800 - Mch No 4-0002-03698 (1976)



06 Master 6.5" - Mch No 24749 (1955)

18 Master 6.5" - Mch No F3/68290 (1969)

31 Master 6.5" - Mch No FC3/71339


Master 2500 - unknown Mch No - gearbox, apron, leadscrew


09 Triumph 7.5" - Mch No 27114 (1956)

17 Triumph 7.5" - Mch No F4/53765 (1965)


01 Triumph 2000 - Mch No 6-0004-02025 (1969)

07 Triumph 2000 - Mch No 6-0004-19699

10 Triumph 2000 - Mch No 6-0001-02772 (1969)

12 Triumph 2000 - Mch No 6-0002-15205 (1973)

19 Triumph 2000 - Mch No 6-0044-26137 (1978) - broken Mar 2011

Mascot 8.5 inch for reference.


02 Mascot 1600 - Mch No 7-0006-01982 (1967)


all parts available



These are pictures of unidentified (by part number) items. You may recognise something of interest.





new and old parts




used and unused items






new and unused items



new and unused items


complete machines for use or spares



fax 01206 240099

(0044 1206 240099 International)

 Please provide a fax number if you have one, as this enables us to send more complete information to you.



Colchester Lathe Spares

Unit 5 Chancers Farm, Fossetts Lane, Fordham,

Colchester, Essex, CO6 3NY



fax 01206 240099

(0044 1206 240099 International)


last updated

5th January 2016


Please note that we have no connection whatsoever with The 600 Group PLC.