who died in August 2009

David was a prolific collector of post and cigarette cards, and other items.

We don't know how many of the various cards on this site belonged to him but we know that some of them did.

Many are of a particularly high quality of subject interest and whiich started to appear for sale after Mr May's death and subsequent sale of his postcard collection.

We are working to bring these cards home again so that the people of Colchester, in particular, can enjoy them.

The following pictures are sorted by subject and many were acquired by Camulos from 2010 onwards.

Some are shown in other sections of our postcard pages where their subject matter is better suited to other headings.























Daniells Brewery Offices at 6 Maidenburgh Street, Colchester. Unused card but pencil note on back gives name of T W Chenery. Perhaps the man in the picture? These buildings still exist.



Mersea Road Colchester. A carnival procession. Card unposted.


Hospital Carnival 1926. The procession travelling down Mersea Road with two Daily Mail vans at the head. 'Go On Steve' on a sign on a donkey. On the sign on the left you can just make out the word 'Bespoke'.


Hospital Carnival 1926 is written on the back of this card. Head Street. Much detail. Navy and Army Stores. Halford Cycle Accessories. J A Wheeler restaurant. Buckingham. 0339 HK solid wheel vehicle with Willett sign, pulling a highly decorated float. Red Indian on horseback.



Unveiling the war memorial at the cemetery on Mersea Road, by P Sanders, Mayor of Colchester. Dedication by the Bishop of Colchester. April 23rd 1923. The Southgate Studio, Short Wyre Street.


The grave of Bishop Whitcombe. Go here for further details. Unposted.


Unused but in pencil, 'Funeral of R H Whitcombe Bishop of Colchester March 23rd 1921 Died March 19th Age 59 Bishop since 1909'. Shows the bottom of Mersea Road with St John Abbey wall on the left.


Colchester Cemetery, unused card by E Dennison Binns of Mersea Road.



Unused postcard. Notes on back read, 'Part of Gryme's Dyke, Stanway, looking N about 100 yds south of Stanway Green. Colchester Museums photo, price 6d.'. Note the ranging poles and the briefcase. Otherwise, this card has to be the most boring in our collection.



Greyfriars Convent on East Hill. 2536 Bells Photo Co Ltd. Unposted



An image donated to us by local collector Simon Gallup. He suggests that it could be of the Leamings factory.




Head Street, Colchester. Mayoral proclamation of the death of King Edward VII, who died on 6th May 1910. Card by W Gill of Colchester, whose shop front is shown in the picture. Birthday greetings on rear sent by E M E of 66 Barrack Street, May 13th 1910. Posted May 14th.

The lower picture was taken in August 2010 and shows how the building looks today.


Card posted 30th May 1910 with a one penny stamp and sent to Madamoiselle Germaine Bousain? in Pas de Calais, France. The card shows the ceremony at Colchester's town hall to proclaim the new king, as the card above. It is understood that this ceremony was performed in several locations around the town. Where else, one wonders?


This collection of cards are from the Colchester Historical Pageant that was staged in the town in 1909. Almost all were donated to us by Mr Alex Jones in 2011, having been collected by him over a period of years.


No 4 Episode V. Queen Catherine.

Published by R G Rogers, Colchester, photo by Gill, postally unused. Queen Catherine and her Ladies


No 3 Episode V. Queen Catherine with the Gipsy, Mayor of Colchester, Abbot of St John, and Bishop Llandaff.

Published by R G Rogers, Colchester, photo by Gill, postally unused.


No 2 Episode V. Group of Nuns.

Published by R G Rogers, Colchester, photo by Gill, postally unused.


No 1 Episode VI. Royalist Officers.

Published by R G Rogers, Colchester, photo by Gill, postally unused.


Episode I. Emperor Claudius in Triumphal Car.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode I. Scene II. Emperor Claudius stabs a prisoner.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode I. Scene IV. Constantius, Helena, King Coel.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode I Scene IV. Helena and her maidens.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester. Sent to G G Randall of Highbury, London on 23rd July 1909.


Part of the march past.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode II. Edward, Eggwyn and maidens.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode III. Scene I. Maurice Bishop of London, Eudo, Rokesia and retinue.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode IV. The Rhyming Constable.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode VI. Trial of Royalists.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode V. Stately Dance.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode V Scene IV. Queen Elizabeth and Little King Cole.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


Episode V Scene IV. Queen Elizabeth addressing the Grammar School boys.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester. Sent to Miss Louisa Blomfield of 131 Barrack Street, Colchester on June 23 19?


Episode V, Queen Catherine and the Gipsy.

Published by Royal Studio, Colchester, postally unused.


King Coel Godebog.

Published by Rogers, photo by Gill, postally unused.


Eagwyn and Edward the Elder.

Published by Rogers, photo by Gill, postally unused.


Eagwyn and Her Maidens, with Edward the Elder.

Published by Rogers, photo by Gill, postally unused.


Eagwyn and Her Maidens, with Edward the Elder.

Published by Rogers, photo by Gill, postally unused.


Published by W Gill, postally unused.


Published by Royal Studio, postally unused.


322. Published by Charles Harris of London Road, Dover. Postally unused.


Major Jackson.

Published by Royal Studio, postally unused.





Daughter of Queen Boadicea


Queen Boadicea


Group of Early Britons


Roman Lady.



Roman Dancing Girl.




Grimes and Emma. 34 H G R C. Photo by Gill. Unposted card. These two people were well known tramps of the period with many stories told about them.

The1881 census shows Emma Taylor, aged 21, living next to the British Lion pub in Stanwell Street and describing herself as a prostitute. She must have been quite a character.

A006-2385 (and A127-400, no 34 pencil note Muriel Wiles of St John Street, unposted)

Grimes and Emma. H G R C. Photo by Gill. Unposted card. These two people were well known tramps of the period with many stories told about them.


Emma and Grimes. Unposted. This card is in very fine detail and their clothing shows much wear and repair. Emma has a clay pipe in her mouth.




Posted 7th November 1904 to Mr W E B Wilton of Camberwell.




Two Hannahs. Published by H G R C . Unposted.



St Leonards Laundry (Colchester) Ltd. Some sort of works outing. Unposted and no comments. One lad at front in army uniform. Moore's coach. Could this be at the Hythe?


Mr Freddy Bird of the Plough Hotel, outsde his beer tent, somewhere. Unposted.


A group of people after a big party at the Town Hall. Unposted.


This postcard came to us from Mrs Day of Colchester and shows two Vulcan buses and occupants outside the Foundry pub in Artillery Street. 1920's?


We received the following details in March 2013:

I was curious about the vehicles in the picture. Checking PSV Circle information I see they were owned by AW Berry and Sons of Port Lane Motor Works, Colchester. They also had bases in Brightlingsea and West Mersea.

The front vehicle is, as stated, a Vulcan and is of the 2-ton type fitted with a 20-seat charabanc body. The other vehicle must be HK7215 (the only vehicle owned with a registration starting HK721). It was a Dennis 35/40hp with a 29-seat charabanc body. The Dennis joined the fleet in 1920 and the Vulcan in June 1922. Withdrawal dates and disposal details are not known but they were (unsurprisingly) not in the fleet when Berry's sold out to Eastern National in 1937.

Andrew Colebourne

Thanks Andrew.


This postcard came to us from Mrs Angela Shaw of Colchester whose family are shown outside the Gaiety pub, on Mersea Road. The building still stands. 1950's?

Angela identified the landlord, Bert Wilton on the far left and then several members of her family and friends. She named people from the families of Samson, Holbrow, Curnow, Lingard.


This is not a postcard but an early photograph. It shows a Colchester Corporation Tramway tram with its 'clippy', whom we believe to have been Miss Helen R Castell. She has CCT on one lapel and what looks like an 18 on the other. A sign to the side of the tram mentions the troops, so we assume that this picture dates from the 1914/18 period. The 1901 census shows a Helen H Castell, aged 5 years, living with her family at 59 Northgate Street, Colchester. The back of the photo says that it was at the Lexden Terminus.


St Leonards Boy's Brigade. Church company outing with St Leonards church, Hythe Hill in the background. LN 924- . Unposted.


St John's Ambulance men at the tram garage. Unposted. Card by Whitfield Cosser and Co. of Colchester, Salisbury, Ipswich and Bath. On the ground in front and several in the back row appear to have either 'Motorman' or 'Conductor' on their hats. The other men are either in civvies or have a particular uniform. J Bare, Fishmonger of St Botolphs Station is advertised on one tram.

Here follows an extract from an email (Nov 2014) from Philip Beeton of Colchester who said, '......my grandfather, Ernest Grigg, is in the picture, fifth from the right in the back row wearing his South African war medals! I’ve never seen this picture anywhere before.'




The Ship Inn charabanc outing 3rd July 1921. Unposted. The building behind is the Ship Inn, the building on the town side of Priory Street and East Hill. It is a National vehicle. HK9077 is the reg no of the vehicle behind. The National Omnibus and Transport Co Ltd Walter James Iden, joint managing director. Vehicle number 2045.


Bus 207 Capel, driver and conductor


Leamings clothing factory, with comment in pencil that the building was burned down by a German bomb in the 1940's. Card by Bradley and Blowers, 11 Mersea Road. Unposted.


The football at the front has 'Colchester 1912-13 Imperials ' written on it. A silver cup stands to the left of the ball. Unposted but with a lengthy written message to and from unknown. Card by Whitfield Cosser and Co. 25 people shown with at least 11 in football kit.


Ram Patrol, 1st Colchester (Boy Scouts?), Camp 1911. Unposted.


The Pleasures of Motoring - Filling with petrol. Card by Clarke and Hyde, location unknown but posted by C Rutter? from Tudor House, 48 High Street, Colchester in 1906 to Miss M Pullen (Shrimp) of Cretingham, Suffolk.


The Rt Rev R H Whitcombe, Bishop of Colchester. Unused card by Beagles Postcards.


Unused card by Whitfield Cosser and Co showing a gang of drain layers. c1930.


Unused card by E Dennison Binns of Colchester. An election picture probably taken in the new Scout hut in Culver Street, with Worthington Evans up for election, with sponsors Beaconsfield, Balfour and Chamberlain shown on banners.


Girl Guides. Unused card by Oscar Way of the Royal Studio, Colchester.


Unused card with handwritten date of 1942/43. 'The League of Mercy Wants Your Help'. Many smiling faces from all walks of life here. The picture was taken outside Colchester's town hall and the adjacent Cups Hotel (since demolished).


Headgate 'B' by Oscar Way, postally unused.

Kevin Drury told us that Headgate B were one of eight teams in the newly formed Colchester & District Sunday School Union Football League. He didn't know if A & B meant enough players to split into two teams, or whether it meant 1st and Reserves.

He has got a very similar Headgate FC postcard for 1922-23 when they had joined the Brightlingsea Minor League, aka Colchester & East Essex League, finishing bottom of the eight teams.



E&CCSLTD Jubilee Celebration, Kendall Road., looking west. Unposted.


'Maidstone' Violin Class, Culver Street Weslyan Day School. Posted June 1905 to Master Harold Partridge of Great Horkesley by Aunty Alice and Gwen.


Posted in Colchester on 13th March 1905 to Miss E Rhodes, c/o G Pretty of High Street, Colchester. Not a Colchester view but a Colchester connection and of an actress (Miss Zara Dare) who had probably performed in Colchester at some time. London Rapid Photo Co. EC 1785


Card produced by J E Stutter of 17 Errington Road. A photograph of a Colchester Quoits team of unknown date. The two trophies stand on a box that is inscribed, 'Colchester Quoit Players Association - Worthington Evans Challenge Cup'. The middle chap has what looks like 1st World War medals.


The Town Crier. Unused card but written to Ftaher by his affectionate son Joseph


Unknown theatrical group with pencilled note on back - 'Barrack Street'.



The Castle Inn, Colchester Brewing Company, on North Station Road. Posted December 1908 to Mr and Mrs Taylor of Sydenham with a Christmas message from A L. The card shows the side door with an 'Ostler's Bell' and the inscription on the gable end states 'Good Accomodation [sic] for Commercials and Cyclists'.


The Grosvenor Hotel on Maldon Road. Posted February 1910 to ? of Tunbridge Wells by somebody with appalling handwriting. Bells Photo Co Ltd of Westcliff on Sea. A0339? The lamp over the door stated RAOB and 589, meaning that it was home to one of the Royal Ancient Order of Buffalo groups.


The Globe Hotel on North Street. 2537. Colchester Brewing Company. A Commerrcial Hotel. Card by John Walker and Co of London, Bells Series. Posted April 1907 to Miss Ella Gillingham of Colchester House, Aylesbury by Vic. 'This is Eva's Hotel', he says.



The Ale Stores at 3 Short Wyre Street. Unposted. A Nicholl and Co house. The ERA Drama Music Taken Here. The gentleman outside is presumably the landlord. The building still exists.

The lower picture was taken in August 2010 and shows how the building looks today.


The Salisbury Hotel on Butt Road. 40936. Card by Bells Photo Co Ltd, Leigh on Sea. Posted April 1907 to Miss Dorothy Crowther of Hebden Bridge, by Stanley.

Demolished around 2005 for a housing development.


The Foresters Inn on Castle Road. Unposted and therefore undated. The signs states, Adam and Sons Entire. The Parlour on the right and the Bar on left. A girder forked motorcycle stands on the left. At the door, the landlady, perhaps, stands with four children. The pub is little changed from today.


The Star Inn, 14 Straight Road. Lexden. Sent to Mr Will Stutter of North Woolwich by FWG of 1 King Coel Road, on 18 May 1914. See also card A073.

Demolished in the 1990's.


The Red Lion, High Street, gateway entrance. An interesting view of what used to be at the end of the yard, now taken up with Lion Walk Shopping Centre. TIC card. Unposted.


The Railway Tavern, Bergholt Road. F W Strong over the door. Colchester Brewing Company. Sent to Miss K Clary? of Liverpool Street, London. in May 1908. Garrard and Son Jobmasters.


The Railway Arms at North Station. The tramlines seem to go right up to the pub. W Adams over the door. A Colchester Brewing Co. sign. Railway Hotel? Unposted.

Demolished in the 1970's to make way for North Station roundabout.


The George Hotel on the High Street. Sent to Miss Ethel Bloyce of 33 East Hill by Doris and with the simple message, 'Meet me to-day at 3pm'. dated 18th Feb but year unknown. George V stamp. Proprietor W Osborne.










Sent 6th May 1910 to H Taylor Esq of Chelmsford by H P L Triscott? (presumably the proprietor).



Red Lion Hotel. Unposted.





Sent 5th Oct 1914to Miss Helen Hunt? of Lincoln. Card by the Home Counties House Trust


The Woolp[ack Hotel. on St Botolphs Street.Colchester Brewing Company. G H Denman over the door. Bar and Parlour on the right. Sent to Corporal Johnston of the Band of the 16th Lancers, Norwich, for Auld Lang Syne, G Harry Denman, June 4th 11. Card by E Denison Binns. No stamp.

The building was demolished in the 1960's with the building of Southway.


The Crown Inn, Lexden Road. Unposted. Daniell and Sons. The room to the left was the Tap Room.


This was the Star pub on Lexden Straight Road, later becoming Brights and later (1990's) demolished for housing. Over the door it states, Henry Luther Lusted Licensed to sell beer and tobacco and for bagatelle. Daniell and Sons Limited. Very clear detail but fading. We assume that the elderly man is Mr Lusted. Unposted.


Red Lion Hotel, passageway through. Sent to Miss Mary Broad of Stourport on 24th Dec 1909 by HEP of 42 Island Street, Galashiels.


Cups Hotel outing. Card unused but dated around 1915. Shows the Cups Hotel in the background and the solicitors Page and Ward above Days Restaurant. It was clearly an all men outing. We don't have any names for those in the picture.


Published by Cleghorn of West Mersea. A Great Eastern Railway motorised bus outside the White Hart (A H Went, proprietor) with the caption, 'Our Wants Supplied'. Sent to 'Baby' of St Marys Cottage, Church Street, Colchester in October 1905 by L M H.


The Rising Sun at the Hythe. Postally unused. Name over door is Walter S Clements, presumably pictured. Hawkins Road, Famous Colchester Oyster Feast Stout Old King Coel Strong Ale.


The Norfolk Hotel

This is not a postcard but is from the collection of Mr Don Goodman who was born in Bergholt Road. His grandfather George Sealey is second from the left. c1893? Greene King. Photograph by D Jones of 507 Collyhurst Road, Manchester,


The Railway Hotel

An unused postcard from the collection of Mr Don Goodman. Ind Coope Allsopp. 1937? Appears to be coronation decorations, suitcases on island. Unused,


The Sun at Lexden

A three horsed cart, three cyclists, outside this pub. Tramlines. Nichol and Co Ltd sign. Unposted.



The Leather Bottle

Sent Mat 1954 to Mr J H ..ayer of Chiswick by Aunt B of Norwich. Published by Bell's Photo Co Ltd, ref 141280.


The George and the Market Tavern. Posted in 1994 to Miss Enid Richardson of Woodbridge. Winstanley Photography.


The Recreation Hotel and Tram Terminus, Newtown. Unposted. Printed in Saxony.


The Albert Pub on the corner of Serpentine Walk and North Station Road. Unposted. The building no longer exists. Owned by London brewers, Truman, Hanbury and Buxton.


An image donated to us by local collector Simon Gallup. It shows the Cups Hotel.

9 - 850

Red Lion Yard, postally unused, Home Counties Public House Trust

35 - Cups Hotel 01

Moot Hall, Corn Exchange and Cups Hotel before 1886. The hotel was replaced by a later facade. Also showing the town hall that preceded our current Town Hall. Unused. H G R C No 309.


A humourous card published by Bamforth and Co Ltd, 'Comic' series no 1282. No connection whatsoever with Colchester but here for fun. Sent 20th June 1958.


The Clarence, later renamed the Purple Dog, on Eld Lane. Unused.




Colchester College School for Girls and Kindergarten. School of Art, Music and .... on gate. Card posted Jan 1925 from 14 Beverley Road to Mrs Marshall of St Clare Road, Colchester by Amy BV Harley

...and a modern day view (2012).


Unused postcard but handwritten on back, 'With kind remembrance from J Harper North Street School Mar 31 1922'.

6 - 429

Postmarked August 1912, sent to W W Judd, Esq, 49 Wimpole Road

Colchester High School for Boys, all boys under the personal care of Principals. French and German taught orally with pictures by F E Grone, etc.....

7 - 529

Group of school class, believed to be a Colchester school. There is another similar picture. Can anybody recognise it. Postally unused.

In November 2006 we were delighted to receive a reply as follows:


The lad 5th from the right in the back row, wearing dark suit and cap? – my brother and I believe to be our father. His name is Augustus(Gus) Pitts, born 31st July 1903 in North Hill Colchester. We believe the family lived in Northgate Street initially and subsequently moved to Bourne Road. I have tried from the list of Colchester Primary Schools on the web to pin point which school it might be, but living in Australia makes a decision extremely difficult! I estimate the photo would have been taken 1910-11 as the family set sail for Australia March 1912.

Ruth Skinner



Thanks Ruth.

11 - 259

Royal Grammar School, Vitae Corona Fides, posted 10 July 1908 to Mrs Plummer of Stowmarket. Photographic Tourist Association.



16 - sold

Barrack Street School, Class 1. Postally unused but note of Joan age 6 and a half.


Kendall Road Infants A2 IV


Hamilton Road School staff in 1921. Written on the back, Hamilton Road Central School staff of 1921. Miss Payne, H G Sutton. Miss Clark. Mr G Motom. Miss Sewell. E T Chisnall. Seated P Botteril. Mrs Hobday. H G Hodson (head). W H Soar. Miss Dennis.


...and some chatter from November 2014 from Facebook.

Percy Botterill he was still there along with Miss Clarke in 1951 then along came John Tripp as science master.

Sue Pilgrim Bradbury - The same Mr Trip that was ah Alderman Blaxil ?

Kenneth Salmon - Great teacher was John Trip, but I remember Mr Botterlll asking you to describe a spiral spring without moving your hands.

Maggie Burgess - My Mum (now almost 90) was taught by two lady teachers named Dennis when she was at Barrack St school. Maybe this is one if them.

Bob Fitch - Yes Sue he taught both my sons there too.

Diana Benge-Abbott - Female teachers had to leave if they got married. That's why they are all "miss".

Di Duffett - Brilliant picture and to have all the names too.

Sue Pilgrim Bradbury - Bob he taught me a great teacher.

Bob Fitch - I had the pleasure of a game of snooker with Percy Botterill after he retired in the Lexden Star back room where he could often be found.

Kenneth Salmon - How old was Mr Botterill when you played snooker with him Bob?

Bob Fitch - Have to guess Ken, I think I was about 12 when he retired so probably 70.

Kenneth Salmon - I can remember him well.


Denmark Street Boys Scho0l 1907 Standard 4A.


East Ward School Greenstead Road? Sent to Miss Doll Webb of Ipswich Road, Colchester by Syd on 11th August 1908. Card producer stamp present but difficult to read. It looks like a mayor seated in front.


Royal Studio, Colchester. Unposted. Girls undergoing some PE.


Card sent to Mlle Anne Marie Dailly of Reims in France by Suzy? on 23rd July 1911. Presumably a catholic school group.


County High School




Athelstan Road Post Office, Colchester. Unposted card. 'Charles Frost, Licenced Retailer of Tobacco', over the door. To the right is a gate with the number 19 on it.

The lower picture was taken in August 2010 and shows how the building looks today. The buildings either side have dated stones which suggest that this building was built in 1903.


International Stores.. Unposted card by Gilbert Stringer of Colchester. 128 printed on the back. Presumably the manager and his staff standing outside for their picture to be taken. Gas lights in the shop windows. Sylvan Glen Creamery advertised as well as many other products.

We have no idea where this shop was situated but do not think it was in Colchester. Kelly's Directory does not list an International Stores in Colchester. Note the church or chapel building on the right of the picture. Where could this be?


From Simon Gallup, 'with regard to the International card I have now found a faint stamp on the back saying "Gilbert Stringer, Colchester". A little research shows that the business (photography) was started by George Stringer in 1888 from his studio at 106, North Street, Colchester. Then his son, Gilbert, took over and ran the business from 1902 to 1917. By that stage they had moved to 7, Chapel Street, Colchester.'.



Stewarts Ltd Tailors Shop, Head Street. Scarborow and Co next door. Teeth advertised above. Ladies Cloak room pointed towards St Mary's church, along the side lane. Interesting stripes on the box on the pavement - a warning to car drivers perhaps. Not posted but a message on the back from Bert to his sister with an address of 'Linsus', Athelstan Road

The lower picture was taken in August 2010 and shows how the building looks today.


Langdon Baker and Confectioner, 206 Magdalen Street. Mazawallee Chocolate. Allens Confectionery. Not posted but an inscription from the lady pictured to say, 'They have just caught me nicely. I wish I had kept my dial inside. I look like a sentinel'.

We went to find the building but suspect that it was swept away with the construction works in the 1960's for the present day St Botolphs roundabout.


F and E Seear, Tea Rooms. Middleborough. Note says it was next to Bob Eades. Unposted

We went to find the building in August 2010 but it has clearly been demolished many years ago.



Isabel Cadman, Umbrellas and sunshades re-covered. 7 Crouch Street. Unposted. c1915.

The lower picture was taken in August 2010 and shows how the building looks today (assuming No 7 is the same building, much changed).



Mann Brothers of 123 High Street. Card by Whitfield Cosser. Unposted.

The lower picture was taken in August 2010 and shows how the building looks today.


Alan F Hitchcock, Motor Engineer of 121 High Street. Next door 121A Harwich Division Conservatives. Unposted.

We went to find the building in August 2010 but it has been demolished at some time and replaced with a Spar shop.


The London Central Meat Co Ltd of 26 Maldon Road. Card by Stutter? of Errington Road, Colchester. Unposted.

We went to find the building in August 2010 but it has been demolished at some time and replaced with Maldon Road roundabout.


Our postcard was spotted by Gus Hawes of Lowestoft who told us, 'You have a picture of a butcher's shop and I have one two, but mine, I understand, has my dad on it, 3rd from the left. Leslie George Hawes.'.

Gus went on to say that, 'interestingly enough, my grandfather Henry Hawes, could well be in the photo that you also have, as he was in the St John's Ambulance Brigade. He is seated on the left with his medals on at the Colchester tram garage. This picture is of him in the St.J.A.B. in Colchester and he seated on the right so you can compare pictures.'.

'He was also a clippy and a picture for you here as well, not the best.'

Thank you Gus. Does anybody recognise anybody else?


The Joscelin Cafe, 27a High Street. Not a postcard. Dot printed so poor quality.

We went to find the building in August 2010 and discovered that the building had been demolished and Sloppy Joes and/or Marks and Spencers now occupies the site. This can easily be seen on the postcards shown on our High Street card section. The modern day No 27 High Street is Lloyds Bank, quite some distance to the west. So a building renumbering had also taken place at some time.


Soldiers Home and Institution, Queen Street. It has the sign saying it was a coffee tavern, ie no alcohol. The building later became the Police Station until the 1980's and then a bar. Card by Whitfield Cosser. Unposted.


Bullock's Coal Office. Unposted card. Grandad Bacon written on back.

We have no idea at the moment, where this place was located but it was most likely at the Hythe.


J Springett. No 11 Crouch Street?. Purveyor of Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Ices, etc. In the window we can see the refelction of F T Gosling 'The Noted Pork Butcher and Royal Sausage Maker' who the directory for 1911 tells us that their address was 39 Crouch Street. Card by R Deacon's Imperial Studio of 14 Queen Street. Unposted.

Stratton Mills, Bobbie Nairn, Amurat, Rice Rose and Roseart. All advertised on the Hippodrome poster to the left.


H and A G Jarvis, late T Freestone Jarvis. Butchers. Unposted. Card by the Colchester Photographic Company of Military Road. We have no idea where this shop was located.


Clamps, 122 and 123 Priory Street (where Markhams now is). Unposted.


E N Mason and Sons, Bookquest, 4A Crouch Street. Unposted. This shop was selling typewriters as well as other writing equipment.

We assume that this was the forerunner of the Masons printing business that was built at Cowdray Avenue, now all sadly demolished. Bernard Mason bequeathed his home at Tymperleys and his clock collection, to the people of Colchester.

This business later moved to Maidenburgh Street and then to Cowdray Avenue, where Mr Bernard Mason was the owner. He lived at Tymperleys and, on his death, donated that building to the borough, together with its clock collection.


J A Sturton Hardware, Ironmongers, 12 St Botolphs Street. Unposted.


C S Digby confectioners, 24 Head Street. Unposted.

The building no longer exists but would have stood to the right of the Fleece Hotel.


H Thorogood confectioners, 101 High Street. Sent to Mrs Ridgewell of 12 Salisbury Avenue by HWT on 17th July 1905.

This building no longer exists. It once stood to the right of where V Bar now stands. The site was destroyed by fire when Kent Blaxill later occupied the plot.


H and E Edwards butchers and T B Greenwood and Sons, greengrocers. Junction of Osborne Street and St Botolphs Street. Unposted.

This building no longer exists. Perhaps it was destroyed during the bombing raid of the second world war.


Thurston and Son, 33 Crouch Street. Shoe Shop. Sent to Miss Farthing of Newcastle on Tyne by Percy in September 1913. Card by Royal Studio.

This building is now 'Robertos' and is still owned by the Thurston family.


J Bare, Fishmonger. Card unused. Bradley and Blowers, The Studio, 11 Mersea Road, Colchester. Trams of the period carried adverts that said this shop was at St Botolphs Station.

The shop window has a good display of fish for sale but externally the display is of game birds. Fish and fowl mixed.


G Butcher, Confectioner and Caterer of 60 East Hill, Colchester. Card unused.

25 - 2000

J Sainsbury in the High Street

This building stood to the right of the Red Lion on High Street.


Colchester Market, Fruit and Veg. Card unused. Sign states 'E Chopping and Sons, Rolling Mill, Colchester'. Another probably says 'Anderton, Hadleigh'. Who is the lady? Could this have been at the Corn Exchange in the High Street?



Macklin Brothers. Our Motto is Feed the People. Caption states 'Pensioners receiving 2 lbs of Potatoes Free'.

A memory from an unrelated source as follows:

I was six years old when World War I started. There were soldiers galore in the town and everyone had a soldier or two billeted with them. It didn’t matter how many children you had, you still had to take a soldier. We had two staying with us and they had to sleep on the floor on a mattress. When they were embarking for France, there were thousands of soldiers coming out of the barracks. Officers on horseback and these soldiers all singing and whistling as they went along, and the people lined the streets giving them bread, cakes, fruit and cigarettes as they went by. We used to have to queue up for potatoes and margarine at Macklin and Ranson’s. We would stand there for hours sometimes. Then sometimes they would say that they had run out, but we still used to wait until the next lot came in. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. I remember that my older brother used to queue up at the Maypole in Long Wyre Street and he used to carry a box on the back of his bicycle to put his rations in. One night he lost his bike – and his rations. Albert Bridges (born 1908).







Unposted. This second image shows the same sign at the front of the shop so the picture was probably made the same day.







Macklin and Ranson, unused.



Humphreys Fruiterer and Florist, with a pencil not on the back stating that it was of 207 Magdalen Street, last shop before the Labour club opposite the end of Military Road. Unposted.


On talking with Mrs Betty Day, who, as a child, lived at the Prince of Wales pub, she said that, from her bedroom window, she saw, 1 Labour HQ, 2 Humphreys, 3 Finn's Paper Shop, 4 Caters' Rock Shop, 5. Mr Licence's sweetshop, 6 Mrs Ratten's odds shop, 7 Bed and Breakfast, 8 Hairdressers, 9 Nat Baxter boot repairs, 10 Leveridges.

Her husband Bill Day's father Harry Day took over the Flying Fox from Betty Taylor, having had the Newmarket Tavern before then.

Rita Waters added that the bed and breakfast became the Welwyn Cafe owned and run by her parents Reg and Eileen Smith. She spent much of her childhood there in the late 40s/early 50s. Labour HQ was the Labour Club, Humphries was there and the newsagent was Mr Pilkington. She remember Mr and Mrs Licence and Mrs Ratten very well.


Robert Joseph Daldy and Son. An unposted card with the pencil note on the back stating that this shop was on the corner of Head Street and St John Street and dated September 1915. Also at 24 Priory Street, workshops in Lion Wa;lk, house furnishers, decorators, upholsterers, furniture remover, etc.


William Bibby, seedsman and florist. Card posted 21st March 1908 to Miss Imrie of Bures, Suffolk by Katie. Added note suggests either 13 or 25 North Station Road.


Unposted. Coronation year 2011. No 2 St Nicholas Street. Proprietor A E Death, Shoe Shop.


John Thomas Byford, Military Outfitter, 44 St Botolphs Street. Posted March 1912 to Mr Albert G Cross ??? Durrant of Loughton by ? (water damage to ink) who states that he is sending this picture of Clarence junior assistant, presumably he on the left of the picture.


An image donated to us by local collector Simon Gallup. It is of the Maldon Road Cycle and Motor Cycle Depot.


J A Wheeler, 21 Head Street. Restaurant. The building still exists. At one time it was Thorogoods, bakers. Posted 2nd July 1912 to Miss Gertie Robinson of Felixstowe by Elsie.


Wrights Colchester Ltd vans. Thorneycroft vehicles. NO 9262, HK 7518. Unused postcard.



Castle Road, 40964 [?], Bells Photo Co. Sent to Mr G Sexton of Royston, Herts by ? Munson in April 1907


Errington Road 40926, Bells Photo Co. Unposted


Roman Road. Posted May 3rd 1907 to Mr H E Wilton of Forest Gate by S D W? Card by Bell's Photo Co.


Not a postcard. Bergholt Road Off Licence. Daniells Fine Ales and Stout in Bottle. Grocer, Confectioner, Salads, Tobacco and Minerals and many readable adverts of the period for various branded products.



Colchester School of Science and Art. Sent to Mrs Hattie Potten of Greenstead Road in October 1909, by CW. English Liberty by A A Seaton BA is advertised on a board. In 2010 this building is the Co-operatve Bank.


Interior of the Grand Theatre, photo by Kirk and Davis. Posted August 190 to Mrs G Lingly of Sudbury by her son.

A256 - 309

Card by Senior and Co of Bristol. Postally unused but written on back is address 1 Gladstone Road, Colchester and the name Ivy.

(Another card as this one is knowand which was postmarked 1905)


The Minories Folly, built to stage medieval passion plays, so we are told. Unposted and undated.



Tram No 18. Sent March 1908 to Mrs Thomas Gardner of Kersey? Upland, Boxford by granddaughter Ethel. She writes...'you will see Percy stand on the front of the car now going to drive to the station.' Lexden?





Tram No 18 to Lexden. Unposted.


This is a mystery postcard from Mr Don Goodman's collection. We can see the tramlines in the road - but where was it taken? It is a locally sent card to Miss E Jones of 16 Weelesly Road, Colchester by Bertha Sealey. No stamp or date. Photo by E Monter.


An image donated to us by local collector Simon Gallup. Unposted and therefore undated. It shows the old bus station in St John's Street, before it was relocated off Queen Street. At a guess we would say c1930.




1 - sold

Dated July 1911, To Mr H Tyler of Yoxford from E B

'Our Coronation car with nearly 500 lamps'.

24 - 2451

A superb quality card from 1919, showing an outing of men (on the top) and women (on the bottom) with a motor omnibus. The vehicle carries advertisements of H L Griffin of Colchester and Moore's of Colchester. The gentlemen on the top appear to be proudly displaying wicker clad stoneware containing, no doubt, some sort of alcoholic beverage. The quality is so good that faces are clearly distinguishable. The card is unused but there is a printed line stating, FRED FITCH PHOTOGRAPHER, MARKS TEY.

The Essex County Standard of 10th October 2008 reported feedback from David Ricks and Andrew Waters. The picture is shown in Bryan Everitt's book about the Moores brothers of Kelvedon. The picture was taken in May 1919 at Copford Green. The bus had been purchased, second hand, from the Colchester bus firm, A W Berry. The driver, resting on the running board is George Mayhew. At that time the bus was not repainted but the Berry name was replaced with Moores and the number 6 telephone number was squeezed in. The picture was taken on the occasion of an outing of the Copford darts and quoits team. 

Can anybody give us a clue as to who the rest of the folk were?


Great Eastern Railway Express Train at Colchester Station. Sent to Mrs G Wright of Stoke by Nayland by Ruth on 14th December 1905. 2162



Identified by Roddy Ashworth as a Holden E4 (GER T26) 2-4-0





A photograph not a postcard. handwritten notes on back LNE 5414 built 1891 Class J15 0-6-0 Ex GE 925 W 1949

28 - kb15

Colchester Station, 2161, posted Aug 1906



see more pictures (not postcards) of Colchester railway sites here.

Here's a story that we found about trams and trains in Colchester.

I shall never forget coming across one of the old Colchester Trams being used as a garden shed in a garden behind a bungalow near Colchester. A splendid creation, of simple, renaissance, lines, all mahogany and engraved glass. Even in its undignified old age, full of spades and wheelbarrows, it looked wonderful. It was over thirty years ago I saw it, and it has probably been destroyed since.

The Colchester tram system was introduced to get over an awkward problem; Colchester Station is some distance from Colchester, and the town itself was served by a branch line that had an elegant terminus at St Botolphs, and also served the docks. This wouldn't do. Colchester station was originally the point at which two rival railways met in 1846 (the Eastern Union and the Eastern Counties), and such was their spirit of passive hatred that the actual meeting point half-way down the station platform was a sudden kink in the line that caused generations of subsequent travellers to spill their coffee. Feelings were running high between the two concerns and they were only just dissuaded from building two rival stations no more than a few hundred yards apart. The two railways couldn't bring themselves to line up properly, and the sharp curve in the station was not ironed out until 1961. The station could not be built nearer the town without two very expensive river crossings, and both railway companies were already in a state of financial melt-down.

The first optimistic solution, by the Eastern Counties Railway, was to encourage the development of the town around the new station. To this end, they built a massive railway hotel, in order to encourage an urban sprawl around it. It was a commercial disaster and quickly was adapted to become a Lunatic Asylum. The eventual solution was a fleet of horse-drawn wagons to convey travellers across the Colne valley to Colchester. Then, at last, came the tram...

The trams started working in 1904. They started at the North Station and all ran up the North Hill where the routes diverged to Lexden, East Gate, and the Hythe. In 1906, a fourth tram-route opened to the recreation ground. In all there were eighteen trams. Sixteen had been built for the launch of the service and the two others were added for the Recreation-ground line. Anyone who has regularly had to walk from the station to the town will be able to imagine the relief of having such a civilised way of getting to and from North Station. Surprisingly, the system gradually faded away and closed altogether at the end of 1929. The age of the Omnibus had arrived.

The trams were all disposed of locally as sheds and stables. Very few pictures of the trams exist, though a Mr Carter from London was, at one time, preparing a history of the tramway. Fortunately, Leslie Oppitz includes an account of the Colchester Tramway in his book 'Lost Tramways of East Anglia', and includes a number of old photographs.

As for me, I shall always cherish the magic of that sunny afternoon as I sat in the overgrown garden in the old Colchester tram, amongst the sacks and empty seed-packets, imagining the rumble and hum, as the old Colchester of Georgian coaching-inns and cavernous emporiums moved slowly past those beautiful engraved windows.

posted by Andrew Clarke in 2005





HGRC Photo by Gill. Card unused. This building is thought to have once been part of Sir William Gilberd's house. It later became home to Mr Bernard Mason who was a collector of old clocks. When he died he left the building and clock collection to the borough and they turned it into a clock museum. It was under the threat of closure as a museum in October 2010.

Looking at this modern day picture of the same building, so much has been done to alter it. See also the shops and commercial premises section and look for E N Mason and Son, for further details.



Unposted. W and K.


Card by Harvey Barton. Sent June 1967 to Mrs M of Bristol by Maud


Smith of North Hill. Not posted but sent to Mother by Jack.


Posted July 1968


Sent to Miss Smith of Dulwich around 1902. This is the earliest multi-view card in the collection with a single undivided back and no message



A507-358 The Town Hall 82948

A508-358 The Castle 82952

A509-358 St Botolphs Priory 82946

A510-358 Lexden Springs 82947

A511-358 Sunset at Lexden 82950

A512-359 The Lake in Castle Park 82945

all unposted, by WHS and Son






Ford Street Mill, Aldham, near Colchester

sent September 1907 to Miss G Davis of High Street, East Ham.

The mill building on the right no longer exists.

The lower picture was taken in August 2010 and shows how the building looks today.


Unused card, no identity. Marked as Ford Street No 6. Foreground left shows the smithy of 'Cyrus Chiles, shoeing and general smith'. A few doors along can be seen the Queens Head pub sign, with a Quaker Oats advertising board on the building next door. On the right are some of the timber framed building that we see today. We guess the picture to be c1910.


Ford Street from Bridge. Posted 12th May 1965 to A Bateman Esq of Oxford.


82826. Ford Street. Posted 11th May 1930 to Miss H Thompson JP of Eye by David and his mummy (of Kyloe? Fordham). Coopers Arms on the left, petrol pump on the left. L E CROUCH is over the door of the pub. The car has the index plate VW 1046. Pratts petrol on sale on the right.


The water mill, since demolished, in Aldham, provenance unknown.


Ford Street looking over the bridge into Fordham, provenance unknown.



unknown house. Unused card



The Brick and Tile pub on Halstead Road around 1910. William Bright and Sons Ltd. The building is still there but now (2016) a dentist's surgery. The cottages are along Spring Lane and the photograph was taken from Blind Lane. Unused card.


Thanks to postie Stuart Bursill for identifying this.



Fordham Place, Fordham. Unposted. The house still stands.


Fordham Post Office . With a lady and gentleman and cat and dog outside. Unposted.


The Three Horseshoes pub on the left, looking north. Sent 1912? to Mrs W Waters of Lowestoft by Louis? Mention of Emma and it being their house No 4.


Fordham Hall. Of unknown provenance.


Standing outside the Shoulder of Mutton in Fordham, looking over the bridge to Aldham. Of unknown date and provenance.


The Shoulder of Mutton of unknown date and provenance.



Frating Hall. Unposted. Card by P Newell of Manningtree.



Card by Geo. Woodward of Thorpe le Soken. Unposted. A sign states the Kings Head and a name of Edward Carter can be seen over a door. Some notes on the back in pencil giving the name Frederick Hempster.

Frederick Kempster standing outside The Kings Head pub in Landermere, near Thorpe Le Soken, Essex. The woman on the photo MAY be Frederick's sister Susan who lived only 5 miles from the Kings Head pub at the time.



Card unposted. Geo Woodard, The Studio, Thorpe-le-Soken. Frederick Kempster - 7'9.3" (237 cm)

The Early Years of Frederick John Kempster, The English Giant

By James Kempster, his great-nephew

'In 1988 I wrote to Dr. Barnardo’s that operated as an orphanage in England a century ago. Between the 1870’s and 1930, Barnardo’s found homes for about 100,000 English children in Canada. Frederick and his younger brother George, who was my grandfather, were among those children, and Barnardo’s records contains much information about the brothers and their family.

Frederick was born to Joseph and Jane Kempster on 13 April 1889 at Bayswater, London, and was baptized on 9 June 1889 as shown in the registry entry shown above.

In the 1891 census, Frederick now aged 2, is listed with his parents and other siblings still at home. The George Kempster listed is not my grandfather George who would not be born until 21 August 1895, but a boarder. (I suspect he was a nephew of Joseph’s, and thus a cousin to the brothers.)

This is an entry from the Index of Deaths October to December 1897. Frederick’s father Joseph died of asthma and bronchitis on 25 December 1897.

On 10 September 1898, George and Frederick were admitted to Barnardo’s orphanage, as Jane could not afford to keep them. She got work as a servant in a private home, and could not keep her children with her there. The boys went to the receiving house in Stepney. On 14 October 1898 Frederick moved to Leopold House in Stepney. On 23 March 1899, he sailed to Canada aboard the SS Scotsman arriving at St. John on 3 April 1899. (In a side note, the SS Scotsman sank on another trip later that same year.) In October 1899 he was placed with Mr. A. W. Allan at Orange Ridge, Manitoba. In February 1901 he was still with Mr. Allan, but had moved to Glenella, Manitoba. In December 1901 he had moved to Mr. George Munro in Glen Smith, Manitoba. He returned to England on 12 November 1904 aboard the SS Canada because he was unfit for work due to knee problems and lengthening of the tibias. He had an operation at Barnardo’s own hospital, and on 7 April 1905 he was able to return to work at Barnardo’s Youth Labour House at Commercial Road, East London. In 1911 he was living at their Boy’s Garden City at Woodford Bridge, Essex. In June 1911, he got a job with Astley and Company’s American Circus at Chigwell.

When World War I began, he was on tour with the circus in Germany, and was detained by the Germans for 2 years, during which time his health deteriorated. When he was finally released and returned to England, he learned that his brother George (my grandfather) had been wounded in the fighting in Europe and was in hospital in London. Grandpa tells of being visited by his brother, who was so tall that he searched for grandpa by looking in through the transom windows above the doors to the wards. This must have frightened some of the wounded soldiers! Frederick died on 9 April 1918 in Blackburn, UK during the great influenza epidemic.

These pictures of the 9 year old Frederick and 3 year old George were taken when they were admitted to Barnardo’s on 10 September 1898.

This article was found on a medical website dedicated to gigantism. If the 1915 date is correct, the examination was done while he was a prisoner in Germany.

Frederic John Kempster (1889, Bayswater, London (UK)—1918, Blackburn (UK))–was also known as “the Blackburn Giant” or “The Gentle Essex Giant” or “Frederick the Great” . At the onset of the age of 15, he experienced rather severe headaches and started growing rapidly. At his death at the age of 29 he was 2.56 m. (8 ft. 4½ in.) and weighed 171.5 kg. (378 lbs.) and wore size 22 shoes (410 mm., 16 inches long). Anthropometrics and his case history were taken by Dr. Gigon (Basle, Switzerland) in 1915 . He was of normal intelligence. He had typical acromegalic features including: prognathism, large hands, a big nose and a large tongue. The right foot was 34 cm (1 ft. 1½ in.) and the left foot size was 32,5 cm (1 ft. 1 in.) in length. He had a kyphoscoliosis. He had a deep voice although he used to be a tenor until the age of 18. There were signs of hypogonadism as: the absence of a beard and a moustache as well as the absence of axillary hair or chest hair. There was scanty pubic hair. Testis size was normal for a normal-sized man. The left leg was shorter than the right leg. The muscles were weak. A sellar radiograph showed an enlarged sella turcica with a diameter of 28 mm (1¼ in). A hand radiograph showed that the epiphysial plates had not yet fully closed. Furthermore there was marked osteoporosis . In 1910 he traveled to Germany, to work in the vaudeville where he was called “Teddy Bobs”. At the outbreak of the First World War he was interned as a “prisoner of war” by the Germans in 1914. He prompt fell ill and was hospitalized until his release in 1916. Back in England, his health remained poor and in 1918 he fell ill with pneumonia as a result of the influenza epidemic and died.

With permission taken from: 'Acromegaly and gigantism in the medical literature. Case descriptions in the era before and the early years after the initial publication of Pierre Marie (1886)' by Wouter W. de Herder.

This article is from the August 1911 edition of the magazine Popular Mechanics, and shows Frederick taking part in activities planned for the coronation of King George V that year.

Photograph acquired by Dr. Thomas Harvey (MRCS, LRCP 1872-1944), who was the local doctor in Avebury in the 1910s, courtesy of his grandson David Nelson.

As a final note of interest, I found a review of the book Der Uber Leichen Geht about the creator of the “Body Works” exhibit of preserved human corpses Gunther Von Hagens, by authors Torsten Peuker and Christian Schulz. The title roughly translates as “He’ll stop at nothing” In a chapter entitled “ Die Jagd nach der Leiche XXL “ which translates as “The Hunt for the Extra Extra Large Corpse” the authors claim that after Von Hagens had failed to get a Russian giant to will his remains to Von Hagens for his exhibit, he hatched a plan to steal Frederick’s remains from his grave in Blackburn! I do not read German, and I do not know if the book has been translated into English, but this is a truly extraordinary last chapter in the life and death of Frederick Kempster, giant.

Many thanks to James Kempster, Frederick's great-nephew for writing this excellent article about Frederick's (short) life. James also told me that with genealogy sites and the internet, he now knows more about his family history than anyone has known in the last century. Frederick has grown from being a family legend to a real family member.'



The Hall, West Mersea. Published by S C White of West Mersea. Unposted.


The Fox and Fountain , East Road, Mersea. Unposted. Card by Cleghorn's Series No 2.

Notes on back -

Carrier Wm Cutts, E to W Mersea Carrier, a crippled man

Mr and Mrs W V Chatters, 135 East Road, West Mersea, CO5 8SA


The Dog and Pheasant, East Mersea

A used card from the collection of Mr Don Goodman. Sent to Mrs G Sealey of 21 Bergholt Road, Colchester. Stamp removed, 78460


The Dog and Pheasant, East Mersea

A used card from the collection of Mr Don Goodman. Sent to Mrs G Sealey of 5 Essex Hall Road, Colchester. Posted December 1905. Cleghorn's Series



Town Street, Nayland. C E Gowing Photo. Unused.


(the following cards with the J prefix have all been kindly provided by Mr F Jones of Nayland for us to see.)

Card by C E Gowing. Sent 16th July 1906 to Miss Mary Macandrews of Westwood, Colchester.

J002 a and b

Maltings Farm Sanatorium

a. Card sent 11th December 1907 to Dr Eliz Moffett Bsc of West Hampstead. Card by Gowing of Nayland.

b. Card sent 9th July 1908 to Mr Sheeky of Hitchin, 'I am in bed and I do hope they won't keep me in long'.


Nayland Lock

Card by Gowing. Unused. Handwritten I.VII.04


Bear Street



Sent to Miss J Atkinson of Alston, Cumberland by E Stephenson on 2nd November 1926. Card by Archer of Nayland.


Town Street. 141124. Unposted.


L P and Co 404. Unposted.


A multi view card sent 26th July 1916 to Private Reg Sawdy 7118 of Swine near Hull by EMC.

J009 a and b

Abel Bridge

a. Card by C E Gowing . Unposted.

b. Posted 15th June 1914 to Mrs Morrison of Southport


Fox Lane

78783. Posted 16th June 1927 to Mrs Smith of Deptford by Hilda.


Court Street

885. Unposted.


Nayland Church

Christchurch Pictorial Post Cards Naturette Series. Unposted.


Nayland Church.

Posted 30th July 1928 to Mrs Edwards of Magdalen Street, Horwich? by Bobbie.


Alston Court

80830. Bell's Photo Co Ltd. Westcliff-on-Sea. Unposted.




The Manse, Bear Street.



Bear Street

M and R Series. Unposted.


Town Street

141123 B P Co Ltd. Unposted.


The House at the Corner, Wiston. Tea Room, Timbered Ceiling with Tudor Rose. Archer of Nayland. Unposted.


Fen Street



Fenn Street

Posted 13th July 1960 to Miss Jump of Wirral by Harold.


Mill Street



Nayland Lock

Card sent 19th July 1908 to Miss Lily Baldry of Ipswich by Walter. Card by Gowing.


Mill Street

Posted 16th July 1906 to Mr A E Pageof Wolferton by A and D.




The Rose Inn at Peldon. Posted August 1909 to P E Scrutton Esqof Orford by WP. Card by S C WHite of West Mersea.


Greetings from Rowhedge. Sent to Miss Mabel Page of Bures Hamlet by Floss on 10th April 1910. Mention of Harold.




London Road, Stanway. Sent to Mrs G Potter of Layer Breton in Nov 1920 by her niece Mabel and mentions Nellie.


Unused card. In pencil, Stanway Green looking East.


Unused card. Pen on back 1st October 1960. Villa Road, Stanway.



Stanway Green. Card by Poyser and Co 7398.Sent to Mrs Phillips or Stratford in 1920 by Ada.

...and a modern day view (2012).




St Osyth, Clacton Road. 64263. Frith Series. Frith and Co Ltd at Reigate Works. Card sent to Miss Ethel Bailey of Minehead on July 25th, after 1911 (George V stamp) by Nell and sent from The Ship Inn at St Osyth. Nearest building has Charles Smoothy on the board over the door and C and W R Seabrook on the larger board above. Tickest to view the Priory are offered for sale on the bay window. The statue of what appears to be a lion, lies on the roof of the entrance way of the building further back with an advertisement for the Colchester Brewing Company.



A view of the boating lake from Walton's church tower. Card by George Woodward and unposted. The boating lake covered 23 acres and is where the owner of the Camulos website spent many happy days working for Mr Ted Carter in the 1960s. This photo would be before the great flood of 1953, as the later built flood walls are not to be seen. Ted used to employ local lads to get the boats in and out and to teach customers how to row and to sail. He never married but was an inspiration to his 'boys'. A grumpy individual at the best of times but a hero figure to us lads. Ten bob a week I used to earn, in addition to my paper round money and as a butcher's boy for the kindly Mr Mason with his fat butcher's fingers.


Princes Parade, Walton on the Naze, 13114. Unused card by BP Co Ltd of Westcliff. The K is for Kino, presumbly then the Kino cinema, later turned into an amusement arcade in the 1960s?


Unused card by Mark James and Son of Walton-on-the-Naze. Rock Row and Pier Beach.


Unused card by Mark James and Son of Walton-on-the-Naze. Station Gardens and Parade.


Unused card by Mark James and Son of Walton-on-the-Naze. Mere Boating Lake.

I had to own this card as this is a scene from my boyhood, from a time when I worked for boating lake owner Ted Carter from age 12 in 1965 until I started work at 16. I was one of many of Ted's boys and I greatly admired him. He was one of the grumpiest people in Walton yet, when he was of a mind, he would sit down with us lads and talk of things local and of old and of knots and of building boats, and the like. I learned to row and sail there and I was promoted to foreman, although it didn't earn me any more money. Ted had pet names for us all. I was Chas. I once carved that name in the oar shed but he caught me before I completed it. He went mad at me, but later suggested I finish it off. Many stories to tell of my time there.

This picture shows the mere before 1953, when the flood wall had not been constructed. The boats in the foreground are paddleboats. All were clinker built by Ted or his father. The sailing boat was single sail gaff rig with a flat plate centreboard. I used to know all the boats by their number and oddities. 33 was 'my' row boat that I always tried to us when bringing the string of boats in of a morning or rowing them out to their mooring of an evening.


An unposted card by Valentines showing the view from the end of Woodberry Way looking towards Frinton. From a time when the cliffs were being eroded by the sea and before May Gurney and Co carried out extensive stabilising works in the 1960s.


Boating Lake. 6870. Published by Mark James and Son, who, in the 1960s, were newsagents for whom I used to do a paper round in the summer, taking the Evening Standards up to the two main caravan sites. Unused. The boating lake was run by the Carter family. This card is probably dated around 1910 and shows the paddle boats in the children's section of the lake that were still being used in the 1970s. The little hut on the left was where Mr Carter sat, with his clock to measure the time taken by each boat and where we lads used to get paid for helping him. Many happy days spent here working for Ted Carter in the 1960s.


Hamford Waters. Photo-Precision Ltd 2747. Unused. The Yacht Club in the distance. Was this where the windmill once stood?


Lifeboat House. Unused. Valentine 40018.


Naze Beach and Huts. An interesting view of the beach huts that were to become so numerous and organised as we see today. M and R C card 13 6351. Sent 12 Aug 1913 to Master Alec Peacock of Tunbridge Wells.


The Old Windmill in a very dilapidated state. Unused. S and S C 3/138.


Albion Beach as we used to call it in the 1960s. Note the bathing machines. J Valentine 30843. Posted 14 July 1909 to Miss Alice Downs of Little Clacton by A M C of 37 The Parade Walton.


Valentines Bromotone 218574. Sent 1st August 1933 to Mrs Lee of Highbury, London by Mrs Clements of 23 Crescent Road, Walton.

This was my playground when I was a boy in the 50s and 60s, before May Gurney destroyed the cliffs to make them safer. I lived in Woodberry Way, to the left of the picture.


High Cliff with the pier in the distance. Posted 20 Aug 1906 to Miss Kate Taplin of Reading. Valentine 40006.


Walton Church. Card by Stewart and Woolf of London. Posted 2nd July 1904 to Mrs Springfield of Norwich by E Springfield. The message reads, 'We have had an awfully jolly trip.'.


The Congregational Church. This appears to be the earliest postcard that we have as the postmark shows that it was sent on 15th August 1901 to Mr C H Chaplin of Rugby by Alf.


Posted on 26th July 1950 to Mrs Ellis of Edmonton by Mrs Baley.


Posted to Mrs Stevens of Galleywood with George V stamp.



Black Boy, Weeley for 1904 military manoeuvres. Colchester Brewing Company. The sign shows a negro boy. By HGRC, photo by Gill, sent to Miss Dora Archer of Ramsey by Lily and mentions cousin Olive. Not posted so not dated but assumed to be 1904. There was a military barracks at Weeley so this would have been their local pub.






Frith's Series black and white photograph of the waterfront at Wivenhoe. WVN.41F. The cars suggest a date of the 1960's. Unposted.




Colchester Road, Wix. The Post Office? Sent in mArch 1908 to Miss H Catt of Chelmsford by Geo? Pencil note that states 'Mr Baker, Postmaster'.



email sdapeze@aol.com


Can any of you identify any particular details from these views?

More pictures can be found at the following links.





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